A Conversation with Ed Hjorth - Part 1

This is an edited transcript of a conversation Brent Schlenker had with Ed Hjorth from Micro Focus.  This is only part of the conversation. The rest of the conversation will be in another article.  

Hey everyone!  I'm Ed and I work at Micro Focus specifically CyberRes: A business unit within Micro Focus.  

This is our community and we're trying to promote some training. We're trying to offer free training because of all the benefits that it offers our customers. 

We're using dominKnow|ONE to create all this. The whole thing is quick and easy access to the training.

For instance, we have lesson one and we call it a Quick Start. 

In the image below you can see that Lesson 1 is Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson One: Setting up the server to Run Basic WebInspect Scans


This is lesson one. What's nice about this is, because we're using Convey, we can publish... publicly. 

We can update things as we go along (because we will be adding YouTube stuff in here down the road). 

We want to get it available to our learners sooner rather than later. And a lot of this is focused on simulations. It (the training) is about getting your job done and moving on with your life. 

We do have resources for more in-depth information. We have our super heroes. Like KJ, also known as MotoK. you can go in and you can access your resources and certain links. But it's mainly all about the software simulations. 


We have a Show Me, a Try Me , and a Guide for each of the simulations.


We also have downloadable job aids which is really cool because it's something you can download and potentially print off if you wanted to. So it's very nice. 

What's nice about the job aids too is that you can click to navigate with the table of contents that automatically get created.  


How Ed Uses Scenarios

And we even have this little thing where we use scenarios. And in order to get your certificate of completion you have to go through four scenarios.  

We try to make them as real world as possible based on this lesson where you have to complete one and move on to the next. 

If you don't... well... you don't move on. 

The scenario starts and you see grumpy MotoKay.  And it looks like some of your technology is offline. 4 screens are offline and your job is to get them back online otherwise there is a disaster.  


So now you can play the scenario. And notice the timer is going. 

Then you have to play the scenario and then you move on. You have to complete the scenario. If you try to move on this way you know um it'll say sorry you can't cheat. You need to go back and you have to complete the scenario. 


So to recap. We're sim based because it's about completing tasks based on a scenario based on a job role. 

And then we try to gamify it a little bit with using scenarios and timers. 

We also have some need-to-know information that support the simulations (made with Capture). 

And we also have nice to know information in our resources and people can download all of it.  

That's pretty much what it's all about. 

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