Use Images as Answer Options in Test Questions

I recently saw a conversation on twitter about using images instead of text as the options in a multiple choice question. It was a curious conversation because the authoring tool they were using would not allow it. My first thought was, "this certainly can't be that complicated of a problem to solve". But througout the day I began to see more and more eLearning developers responding and confirming that they could not use images as answer options in test questions either.

Now, I still consider myself an intermediate dominKnow|ONE user, but I knew enough to consider a few options. And in the rules of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I decided to use my "call a friend" option. What I learned was that you can't "technically" insert an image into the text box object, but it is quite possible, and easy, to get the same result. 

One of amazing internal eLearning developers at dominKnow put this example together to show us that it's possible.



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