The ILT Theme is a great way to use Claro content for more than just elearning


The ILT Theme is designed to help you use Claro content in contexts where you are presenting on a projector, like instructor-led training and presentations.

The theme has no navigation bars. You use a standard remote “clicker” or your keyboard’s left/right or up/down arrow keys or Page Up and Page down keys to move through the content.

If you’ve set up timed events on the Timeline, these will be synchronized to the arrow keys or clicker.

Here's an example.

Let's say you made some pages for an elearning course to be published as a SCORM package, so you've set up events to show page content based on timing to a narration file. But these pages would also be really helpful in an upcoming presentation you are making for a live audience, so you add these pages to a project using the ILT Theme. When the content is displayed in the ILT theme the narration audio is automatically suppressed and your use of the clicker or keyboard will step the page through the timed events on each page in sequence and advance from page to page. The content originally created for an elearning course is usable right away for a presentation with no need for you to make alterations or edits.

When using this theme you can make your browser window bigger or smaller by dragging its frame or just use the browser short cut keys to go Full Screen and the content will expand to fit.

And when you open the published project it will open a second browser window to show the Page Notes for each page, so you can include “speaker notes” just like standard slide decks. (NOTE: You’ll need to allow pop ups for this to work.)

Check out this example - don't forget to allow browser pop ups so you can see the Page Notes in the second browser window.

Preventing Slips and Trips -- ILT Theme Example

Publishing for ILT use

Using content for this type of purpose probably means you won't be publishing it as a SCORM package to your LMS.

To use a project for an ILT type session you can publish it as a Web package and host it on a server (like the sample above) or publish it as a Share link to Convey (if you are a Convey subscriber).

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