This courseware serves as a starting point for much-needed dialogue with your clients’ employees and leadership teams. Fostering a respectful workplace that is safe and inclusive is a top priority for many organizations.  



Note: This library is available in Spanish and is editable.

  1. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: In this course you’ll learn the benefits diversity brings to your team, how you can identify and encourage diversity, and how to support an inclusive work environment the way we are different from each other can make us stronger when working together. Those differences can also create challenges. It’s easy to miss out on the advantages if we only focus on the problems.
  2. The Power of Your Example: In this course, you will identify how to create a respectful workplace by setting your intention to model kindness and respect and demonstrate it in your daily interactions at work.

  3. Unconscious Bias: In this course you’ll learn what unconscious bias is, ways to make your own biases visible, and how to minimize the negative impact your unconscious bias has on your relationships with coworkers.

  4. Turn Microaggressions into Micro-Inclusions: In this course you will learn what microaggressions are, why they are disrespectful, how to react as a bystander, what you should do if you are the offender, and how to react and respond if they are directed at you.

This content is editable.

Note: If you choose to upgrade to the full Respectful Workplace Toolkit within one uear of the license period, the amount already invested in the Diversity Bundle will be pro-rated and deducted from the total cost of the Respectful Workplace Toolkit.

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      You sure can! Just reach out to your sales contact and they can work with you to set up demo access for the content.
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