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Courseware for Managers
Quality, Lean, Six Sigma. This set of courses introduces individuals to the concepts of quality improvement, thinking lean, and Six Sigma. Learners are introduced to the basic concepts and tools, as well as learn techniques for how to apply these concepts and tools within their work and projects.

  1. Process and Quality Basics: Understand the evolution of process and quality improvement concepts and tools
  2. Lean Concepts: Discover the concepts and tools at the heart of lean thinking
  3. Six Sigma Concepts+: Learn about the Six Sigma concepts and tools and how to apply them at work
  4. Define and Measure the Problem+: Understand what is required to define and measure any project
  5. Analyze the Data+: Find out how to analyze your project data by applying the analytical tools
  6. Improve and Control the Process+: Build your skills to apply the improve and control processes to any project
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