Courseware for Managers and Individuals

This course provides skills relevant to small business management. Designed for mobile playback in any location, narration is optional, and information is presented in short segments.

  1. Building a Business Plan: This course provides insight into the contents of a business plan and how to construct one.
  2. Check Cashing Do's & Don'ts: This course reviews correct check cashing procedure and provides guidance on error avoidance.
  3. Detecting Counterfeit Currency: This course provides an insight on how to authenticate currency and detect counterfeit characteristics of legal tender.
  4. Organized Retail Theft Prevention: This course identifies the problem of Organized Retail Theft and the concept of "boosting" and "fencing". Ways to prevent this external theft will be discussed.
  5. P&L Basics: This course provides the learner with a working knowledge of important retail business concepts such as profit and loss, retail pricing, inventory control, and more.
  6. Running a Business: This course explores responsibilities and tasks associated with running a business.
  7. Shoplifting & Employee Theft Prevention: Internal and external theft costs businesses billions of dollars annually. This course defines the problem and what employees and managers can and can't do to prevent these losses.

Note: These courses are NOT editable.

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