Courseware for Managers and Individuals

This course provides skills for individuals in entering the workforce. Designed for mobile playback in any location, narration is optional, and information is presented in short segments.

  1. Conflict Resolution: This course provides guidance on how to recognize confrontational situations in the workplace and the necessary steps that you should take to avoid or resolve conflict.
  2. Managing Workday Stress: This course will look at the concept of stress management as it pertains to our daily work schedules,  business tasks or entrepreneurial engagements.
  3. Managing Your Time: This course will look at the concept of time management as it pertains to our daily work schedules, business tasks or entrepreneurial engagements.
  4. Negotiating (striving for a win-win): This course describes negotiation and why negotiating skills are such an integral part of personal and business communication.
  5. Workplace Communication: This course reviews workplace communication and provides guidance on how to communicate effectively with customers, co-workers and management.
  6. Work Habits & Success: This course will explore how certain habits increase your chances of success in the workplace.

    Note: These courses are NOT editable.
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