Rachel Dillion joins us on this episode and will help us investigate slides, microlearning videos, and other common L&D project forms to determine what is and what is not working visually. This episode is about building a design vocabulary and our confidence to support our own design decisions.



Rachel Allen Dillon graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1994, with a Bachelor of Science in Art, emphasizing in Graphic Design. She spent over a decade using her design skills in marketing and web design.

In 2009, her non-fiction children’s book, “Through Endangered Eyes – a poetic journey into the wild,” was published by Windward Publishing, an imprint of Finney Company. She both wrote and illustrated it. Her book received an Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention award in 2010. Rachel has been a featured artist in “Wildscape Magazine,” a contributing artist in gallery and museum exhibitions, and a speaker at Art Educator conventions and conferences. The Nature Conservancy commissioned Rachel to produce two paintings for them in 2015.

Rachel taught art and developed the art curriculum at a private elementary school for three years before going back to the corporate world. Her focus shifted to combine her skillset of design and teaching. Since 2017, Rachel works as a full-time senior instructional designer for a global asset manager. She is also an instructor at CSUS-CCE, teaching eLearning Visual Design and Architecture, and Instructional Design 101.

In 2019, Rachel earned her graduate certificate in Instructional Design from the University of California, Irvine. Currently, she is working toward her Masters in Instructional Design & Technology at CSU-Fullerton with a projected graduation date of May 2022. She is working on her thesis to go deeper into the science behind visual design and learning retention and how instructional designers with graphic design foundations create more engaging learning.

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