The short answer...

Only the Title and Pass Mark.

The longer answer...

In dominKnow | ONE you can set up a pretty wide range of properties and metadata for any Project.

Here’s the Properties panel that opens to the right of the Stage when you select the Edit Properties on the Insights panel:


You can see that there are lots of fields and options here, including a button to open the Metadata panel and add additional information there.

Except for the Project Title and Pass Mark, the settings and information that you can add here is only used within dominKnow | ONE. It isn’t passed to the LMS.

What about other metadata and similar properties for Media Files, Pages and Learning Objects in dominKnow | ONE?

Like the data available as Project Properties, data available for other content levels in dominKnow | ONE are also meant for use within dominKnow | ONE. 

For example, the tags or keywords you add to media files when uploading them help improve search within the Media Library.

And here's a bonus: they also help when using the Search feature within published content.

The Search feature is available in many of the System Themes such as the Course players and the Knowledge Base player. It allows users to search for content within a published package.  So, while this data isn't passed to the LMS, but you are able to use it to help your learners.

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