Libraries of Content you can brand and make your own


dominKnow, through partnerships with a number of vendors offers you one stop shopping for off the shelf content libraries, that bring something unique to the equation... you can edit and brand them yourselves.  


With the off the shelf libraries you get access to a wide variety of content topics and many different purchasing options with differing pricing models.  With all of the editable content, you can access your dominKnow system, download the desired content package and then make any changes, be it branding, adding or removing content, translating content to a new langauge, or even changing content. Once done, simply publish the package and load it into your learning system, or make it even easier with dominKnow's hosted content soluton, Convey!


If you have any questions, be it about pricing, wanting to view some sample content, or simple seeing how it works, just let our sales team ( or your account manager know and we would be happy to help!

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