A quick introduction to dominKnow | ONE's feature for creating software lessons

Capture is our feature for creating software lessons.

With Capture you can:

  • Make a single screen capture image
  • Create an animated GIF of a software task
  • Create a software lesson that can be used in a Claro or Flow project in several behavior modes:
    • Show Me
    • Try Me
    • Guide (step by step)
    • Test Me

Capture lessons can also be published as a document.

The Capture application

Capture is an application you download to your computer to record and edit the steps for your lesson. It's the only part of dominKnow | ONE that isn't browser-based.

When you've finished editing your lesson you publish it and then drag and drop the lesson onto a Claro page or into an empty placeholder on a Flow page.

The Capture app is available for Windows and Mac, and your computer will download it the first time you make a lesson. You can also download it ahead of time from the options on the Add to Your Page panel. 

Note: If your organization has managed desktop permissions, you may need to work with your IT team to have the Capture app installed. Contact our support team for help with this.

What does a software lesson made using Capture look like?

Once you've made a software simulation lesson and added it to your Page you can set it to display as:

  • Show Me (an animated demonstration)
  • Try Me (an interactive practice lesson with step instructions)
  • Guide (an easy to follow step-by-step list)
  • Test Me (an interactive practice lesson without step instructions, with either one or three attempts for each step)

You can also use Capture lessons as scored test questions or as non-scored Practice questions (these use the Test Me mode).

Here's a link to see examples of each of these. The page will open in a new browser window. It shows the same lesson three times, each set to a different behavior. 

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