Displaying a website within an iframe on a page can be a good alternative to linking out to the site in a separate browser 

The From URL element allows you to add an iframe to display an external website on any page in Claro or Flow.

This option is available on the Insert tab under the Video options. 


In Claro, when you select this option the Stage will turn grey and your mouse cursor will become a cross-hair or target. You can then click on the Stage where you want to locate the upper left corner of the From URL Element.

In Flow, you add the Element to a Placeholder.


URL Properties Panel - URL Details Tab

Adding a From URL element to a page opens the URL Properties panel on its URL Details tab.

Here you choose either http:// or https:// as the Protocol, then add the website URL (without http:// or https://) in the Address field.

In Claro, you set the display Width and Height for the element on the page.

In Flow, you set the Minimum Width and Minimum Height, i.e., the embedded website will not display any smaller than these dimensions as the Flow page responds at different breakpoints.

In both Flow and Claro you can also control Scrolling and Borders for the From URL element.

Selecting Preview helps you confirm that the URL is accurate. The website will be shown in preview at the top of the URL Properties panel.

Select Update to finish adding the element to the Page.


NOTE: Many websites do not allow embedding within a separate webpage. If the site address does not Preview as expected, please confirm that the target website will allow itself to be embedded.

URL Properties Panel - Details Tab

On the URL Properties Details tab you can set the Title for the element on the Page.

You can also add a Description and keyword Tags.

The Advanced Styles option allows you to add CSS styling to the element.

Editing a From URL Element

To change or edit the URL details, select the element on the page then select the Edit (pencil icon) option.


This will re-open the URL Properties panel on the Details tab.

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