Applying Marketing Brand Guidelines to Online Instructional Materials

Does your company have a marketing department?  Do you know if there is a Brand Guideline document? 

Branding Guidelines are created by companies for consistency across all forms of messaging, communications, and media creation.


If your marketing department has not established specific brand guidelines for online materials, you will need to do some conversions:

  1. Convert colors typically listed as Pantone Names, CMYK or RGB values, into HEX Codes.
  2. Convert font sizes from Points to Pixels.

The site does more than convert just rgb to hex. It will convert just about any standard into all the other standards.

The site is helpful in quickly converting Points to Pixels, but honestly once you've done looked up a few numbers you'll start to remember the conversions.


Once you've made all the conversions you'll want to use them to setup your Theme Variant and create your own Project Styles.

NOTE:  Sometimes the color conversions may differ slightly from what you might get from using a Color Picker app, or the Eyedropper in other color setting apps. Let your eye guide you and choose the color code that looks best.



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