Open up new design ideas and efficiencies with these special pages

Sometimes you have content that you want to show on all or most of the pages in a Project. And ideally, you wouldn’t have to add it to every page manually.

That's where dominKnow | ONE’s Master Page Headers and Footers come in very handy.

The Headers and Footers are pages that you create once then apply to any or all of your Project’s content pages. 

In a Flow project, Headers and Footers are added as additional Sections at the top or bottom of content pages, including Test Question Pages.

In a Claro project, Headers and Footers are added as additional Layers over top of content pages including Test Question Pages. You’ll probably want to ensure that your main content pages don’t have content in the same area as the header or footers, so the main content doesn’t get overlapped or covered up by the headers or footers.

Here’s a simple but really common use case: you need a copyright statement at the bottom of every page.

You could, of course, add a text element to every page individually, but creating a Footer lets you do that once and apply it to all pages.

Plus, if the copyright statement ever has to change, you only need to make that change in the Footer and republish the Project, saving a lot of time compared to editing every page separately.

Here’s an example screen of a Flow page with a Footer with copyright information. The Footer is the orange section at the bottom of the page:


Creating a Header or Footer Master Page

Here’s how we created the Footer for the above example, in this case as a Primary Footer so it is automatically applied to every page in our Project:



Controlling the use of Headers and Footers for each Page

You can create Primary and Alternate headers and footers.

By default all pages (including Test Question Pages) are set to display a Primary Header or Footer, if you create one.

You can see this on the Page Properties:


You can change the settings on the Page Properties panel for each Page to show the Alternate Header or Footer instead or even show both the Primary and Alternate headers. 

Headers and Footers can be any design you like and can display any information you need. They can even display many of the System Variables available, so you can display Project-related information. 

You could: 

  • Use a Footer to add Back and Next buttons to the bottom of all the long Flow pages in a Project.
  • Use a Header to create a Menu across the top of a page using buttons with Page links to different locations in the Project.
  • Use Headers and Footers to create your own custom navigation bars.

You’re really only limited by your imagination.

Deleting a Header or Footer

To delete  a Header or Footer:

  1. Select it on the Master Pages tab
  2. Select the three-dot menu
  3. Select Delete


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