List elements offer more visual design and animation options than simple bullet text lists

List is a special type of text element.

It provides a set of unique design and display options compared to just creating a bullet list in a Rich Text Element.

You can also target the items in a List to appear in sequence using the Triggers and Actions for Lists.

Once you've added a List element to your page, you can edit it.

Here's how to do that:



List Settings

When you select a List on the Page, an Options context tab is added above the Stage.

This offers options for the display and design of the List:


The List Settings options are:

  • Styles: Allows you to choose a color scheme for the list.
  • Striped: Applies a background color to alternating list items. You need to select a color in order to see the Striped setting.
  • Borders: Applies borders around the list and its rows.
  • Icons: Select to use icons as bullets.
  • Edit: Opens the Edit List panel to edit the content of the list.
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