Tables are a great way to organize data or information, especially for comparison purposes.

After you've added a Table to a Page, select the table then select the pencil icon to edit the content in the table's cells: 


The text mini-toolbar is shown while you are editing the content of the table:



In addition to the inline text editing tools, there is also a row of options for formatting the table. You can:

  • Insert a row before, insert a row after or delete a row
  • Insert a column before, insert a column after or delete a column
  • Merge cells or split them horizontally or vertically
  • View the Table Properties

After you have edited the content in the Table, select outside of the element to quit editing the Table and save your changes. (A Table is a Text Element so your changes won’t be saved until you leave the editing mode.)

Table Size


In Claro you can use the handle in the lower right corner to resize the table's display dimensions, or use the Size (W and H) fields in the Selection Control Bar.



In Flow, Tables are responsive and will match the size of the Placeholder where they are added.

The Table will reduce its size to match the content in the cells. Also, if it can’t display fully at a page width, it becomes horizontally scrollable.

Table Options

When you select the Table with a single click, you’ll see an Options context tab above the Stage.

The Options tab has the following settings available:


These settings are:

  • Sort: Gives the learner the ability to sort each column of data in either ascending or descending order.
  • Striped: Displays the rows in alternating colors. You may need to set a background color on the Table element in order to see the Striped effect.
  • Bordered: Turn borders on/off. (Dividing lines will still be shown between rows.)
  • Hover: Rows will be highlighted on mouseover.
  • Condensed: Reduces the padding around cells.

Table Properties

When you are editing a cell in a table, you can right click to open an options list which includes several items related to Tables:


The Cell options allow you to Insert, Delete and Merge Cells as well as set Cell Properties.

The Row options allow you to Insert and Delete rows. You can use this option to remove the Header row that the Table feature automatically adds to your table.

The Column options allow you to Insert and Delete columns.

Delete Table allows you to delete the table.

Selecting the Table Properties option opens the Table Properties panel:


The Table Properties options allow you to:

  • Set the Header Row properties
  • Set Border size
  • Set Alignment
  • Add Caption and Summary
  • Adjust Width and Height (Note: If you plan on publishing to a document, it is recommended that you leave these values at or less than 100% and do not use a unit of measure other than % (such as pixel). Changing these values could result in a Table that does not fit the standard document page.)
  • Adjust cell Padding and Spacing
  • Access Advanced Properties
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