Working with Text elements

How to change size and color as well as work with features like Glossary definitions, Tooltips and more

dominKnow | ONE has a whole range of features to help you work with Text elements.

Here's a round up of some of the more popular features, including:

  • Changing Font Type and Style (color)
  • Adding Icons to a text element
  • Adding Glossary definitions to a word or phrase
  • Adding a Tooltip to a word or phrase 

Changing font type and color for the whole element

A Text element's font Type and color are tied to the Theme's design settings.

The Type is similar to a Style in a Word doc.

Changing the Type changes the whole text element.


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You can also change the element to a different Theme-based color. 

This sets the color at the level of the element as a whole.


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Using inline styling on text

A text element's Style tab options and the Type options on the Format tab are all determined by Theme settings.

In addition to these Theme-design settings you can also apply inline styling to text within an element.

When you are editing a Text Element there are two places where you can apply inline text styling, the inline styling mini-toolbar and the Font and Paragraph sections of the Format tab.

NOTE: Using inline styling on text overrides the style settings of the Theme you are using. So in general, we recommend using caution when applying Inline styling options to text.

Learn more about Inline Styling for Text >>


Adding Icons to a Text Element

You can include Icons within a Text element.

The icons are font-based, so they take on the same Theme attributes as the text element as a whole. Or you can use inline styling to give them some emphasis. 


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Glossary Definitions

You can add Glossary definitions to any word or phrase in a Text element.

The Glossary definitions are a shared resource across projects, so you can create a definition once and use it on any other Project.


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You can also add simpler Tooltips to any word or phrase in a Text element.

Learners can roll over the word to see the tooltip.

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