Everything you do is automatically saved as you author, but sometimes you want to save for special reasons

Committing a Page can be used as a Save As function as your work. For example, you might author a page to a certain point, and decide that before making further changes you'd like to save a Version.


It also checks the Page in so other authors can choose to Edit it.


The Commit button is located below the Stage, in the lower right corner:


By default, when you add a Page it is checked out to you so that only one author can work on a Page at a time.

As you work, you’ll see the Saving/Saved messaging as every update you make gets saved.


At any time, you can choose to Commit the Page, which checks it in and saves a Version.


When you commit a page you'll be shown a Comment panel to help you track critical information about what you were doing or working on:


Committing the page also updates the page’s thumbnail on the Cards View list.

After a Page is committed, the bar above the Stage changes. It displays the avatar of the last person who Committed it as well as when the Commit took place. It will also show an Edit and a Duplicate button:


You need to select the Edit option in order to make further changes. This also checks the page out to you.

The Duplicate option allows you to create a copy of the page in the same Project. It will be added as a new last page in the structure.

Restoring a Version of a Page

You can restore page versions back into your Project at any time.

To restore a Version of a Page back into your project:

  • Select the Page tab.
  • Select the drop down and select the Versions option.
  • Select the Version on the list and a panel will open:


The Preview Version option opens a Current Page Preview of the page.

The Restore a Copy option adds a copy of the page Version to your Project’s structure. The Version remains stored on the Versions list as well.

You can only edit a Version by restoring it, you cannot edit a Version directly from the Versions list.

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