Three modes to help match features with authoring skill level

An author or administrator in dominKnow | ONE cab work in one of three different authoring modes.

You can see this setting if you select your avatar in the upper right corner of the authoring interface.

The three modes are:

  • Essentials
  • Essentials Plus
  • Designer

The first two modes help keep the available authoring options to a minimum. These modes are perfect for authors who need to only use existing templates and minimal interaction features to quickly create content.

For example, in many dominKnow | ONE user teams these two modes are ideal for Subject Matter Expert-level users who need to quickly move content from other sources like PowerPoint files into a Project, add in assessment questions and create a publishable package.

Designer mode provides access to all authoring features. It's ideal for users with greater experience in dominKnow | ONE as well as experience in other mutli-media or eLearning tools.

For some dominKnow | ONE user teams, the workspace modes are assigned to users who do not have the option of changing the setting.

In other cases, teams leave this as user-selectable. So a new author just getting used to working in dominKnow | ONE can choose to keep things simple at first then progress to Designer mode when the time comes that they need access to the full range of authoring features.

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