The dominKnow I ONE authoring platform provides the tools to rapidly create engaging digital learning content. Using Variables throughout your course content will enrich the interactive learning experience for your target audience, and take your authoring skills to the next level. There are countless ways in which authors can use variables, from the basic system variables to complex, customised variables, with conditions, that will add a level of programming-like control to your authoring skills.

Current Schedule

4 x 1 hour online sessions - with instructor and assigned tasks

    July 2024

    • Tuesday 2nd July - 11am-12pm (GMT)
    • Wednesday 3rd July - 11am-12pm (GMT)
    • Thursday 4th July - 11am-12pm (GMT)
    • Friday 5th July - 11am-12pm (GMT)


    • Tuesday 3rd September - 4pm-5pm (GMT)
    • Wednesday 4th September - 4pm-5pm (GMT)
    • Thursday 5th September - 4pm-5pm (GMT)
    • Friday 6th September - 4pm-5pm (GMT)



    • Monday 7th October - 11am-12pm (GMT)
    • Tuesday 8th October - 11am-12pm (GMT)
    • Wednesday 9th October - 11am-12pm (GMT)
    • Friday 10th October - 11am-12pm (GMT)



    • Monday 18th November - 4pm-5pm  (GMT)
    • Tuesday 19th November - 4pm-5pm (GMT)
    • Wednesday 20th November - 4pm-5pm (GMT)
    • Friday 21st November - 4pm-5pm (GMT)

    How do I sign up? Costs?

    Interested in registering for the class or have questions, please contact us:

    Cost is: $800 per person. 

    For private classes, please contact us for pricing and specifics.


    The dominKnow I ONE Variables Workshop is delivered as interactive small group sessions with a combination of pre-built scenario based examples and live demonstrations. Consolidation tasks will be set after each session and reviewed as a group in the following session for feedback and further context. An online Knowledge Base, which contains examples and step by step simulations, will be provided to support the workshops. Delegates will have continued access to the Knowledge Base for the duration of their dominKnow | ONE subscription.

    The following scenarios will be covered:

    • Displaying Variables in a text element
    • Using a Variable to show an element
    • Variables to aid Accessibility
    • Applying Variables to an element e.g. sliders/checkboxes
    • Showing learner entered text
    • Using test scores as triggers
    • Setting up Variable conditions
    • Multiple Variables working together

    To gain the maximum benefit from the workshop, delegates should consider scenarios where they see variables could be the solution. Our Instructor can incorporate your scenarios to help you reach your end goal, with a working model as the destination.

    Session 1: Introduction to Variables (one hour)
    Session 2: System Variables (one hour)
    Session 3: Custom Variables (one hour)
    Session 4: Q&A and/or discuss Client Project

    Class Preparation

    • A secondary monitor is recommended: one on which to view the instructor, one on which to do the hand-on activities.


    • Experience with dominKnow | ONE: Flow / Completed standard dominKnow | ONE training.
    • Proficiency using a Web browser
    • Basic Windows/Mac knowledge, including the ability to:
      • Launch applications using the Start menu
      • Use the taskbar to switch between Windows applications
      • Use Windows Explorer, to navigate the file structure, change the view of file listings, move and copy files, and create new folders (or directories)
      • Copy and paste text

    Claro or Flow?

    While the variable principles and examples will be presented and practiced in Flow, all aspects of variables can be applied to content you develop in Claro. With Flow and Claro virtually all actions, triggers and features are identical, with the primary differences being in how pages are designed and operate.

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