dominKnow | ONE Winter 2021 Feature Release 

New Assessment/Practice Questions plus improvements to other features highlight this release

The Winter 2021 Feature Release was rolled out to most client sites starting Dec. 10. 

Enterprise client sites will be updated per the standard SLA terms. 


New Question Pages for Assessments and Practice 

We’ve added three new Question Pages that can be used for scored Assessments as well as non-scored Practice questions.

These new question types are form-based, like many of our Quiz/Exercise components. This makes them very quick and easy to set up.

All three questions are responsive when used in Flow projects.

And they’ve all been created to meet accessibility standards.

You can find them on the Add a Question panel.


Matching Question

This question page requires the learner to match items presented in a carousel to specific categories displayed below the carousel.

Here’s a lesson on setting up this type of question.


Sequencing Question

This question page requires the learner to arrange a series of items in the correct order. 

Here’s a lesson on setting up this type of question.


Multiple Choice

This new Multiple Choice question page supports the use of images or text as choices. 

Here’s a lesson on setting up this type of question.

(Our original Multiple Choice questions are also still available.)


Labels for Hotspot Image Questions

You can now choose different layout options for your hotspot labels as well as make the labels draggable.

Narration within Components

You can now place narration within components like Tab Sets, Accordion Menus and Content Carousels and set the narration file to autoplay and pause as the learner navigates the sub-content within the component.

PowerPoint Import Improvements

PowerPoint Import now supports improved fidelity for both Standard and Wide slide sizes.

If a PowerPoint import fails, the PowerPoint Import Error message now indicates which slide is responsible for the error so authors can more easily resolve issues within the slide deck they are trying to import.

New Publishing Profile Option

We've added a new publishing profile option for the Standards setting which when selected will use the legacy version for AICC rather than the most recent version.

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