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This community page will document upcoming and past meetups. The process is simple. We meet each Thursday 8am PT / 11am EST at the link above. Below this paragraph you will see each Thursday's topic from upcoming and past sessions. Please feel free to share the info with other dominKnow users that you know but please limit it to only users.

NOTE: This is not meant for presales or anyone just kicking the tires.

October 22nd - Numbering Pages, Outline, Player (ex: 1/4)

October 15th - Flow Page Structure - Sections & Rows - SHOW & TELL

Bring a project to screenshare... if you can.  Seeing how others structure their projects, and the content within each page, is a GREAT way to learn. We'll also focus a little more on Sections and Rows. When to create a new section vs adding a row within an existing section...and other great options.

Sample Disable Button javascript from Matt Senay:


October 8th - Project Structure with a little about Testing & Assessments

The testing features inside of dominknow|ONE are very robust. Definitely more than we can cover in one hour. So we'll start with the basics for anyone that might be new and then we'll see if anyone has a cool assessment project they can share and talk about. We will also be answering questions as well.

What is a Learning Object?


October 1st - Controls 

The controls panel offers a few input options, button options, and more. Controls can be tricky but they are really useful. Let's talk about 'em.

September 24th - No Meetup Today

September 17th - Working with Images in Flow

Working with images is simple. But there are a lot of little tips and tricks you should know. Please come prepared with a tip, or 2, about working with images in Flow.  It can me as simple as how you add images. Or a little more complex like your complete imaging creation and workflow from camera to photoshop to dominKnow's Media Library. Or maybe how to effectively use a background image. 

September 10th - Theme - Accessibility with Paul Schneider

Accessibility is a hot topic and dominKnow|ONE makes it easy to make sure your in compliance. Paul Schneider joined us to talk about all things you need to know about Accessibility. Here is his presentation and the supporting links: 

September 3 - Theme - Interactive Video Samples

This week looked at Interactive Video elements like these samples:

Interactive Transcripts for Video

August 27th - Translation Workflow

Great conversation about translation workflows. Also, here is a great article on translation:

Translation Workflows

August 20th - Javascript in dominKnow|ONE

Special thanks to Matt Senay for showing us how to add javascript code for creating custom actions within a project. This is definitely an advanced topic but also very powerful for creating advanced interactions and other customizations unique to your project's needs.

August 13th - Q&A Day

No specific topic today.  So similar to the open forum we'll be answering your questions. And if there are no questions I'll be sharing some of the tips and tricks I've learned this week while helping members of the dominknow|ONE community.

August 6th - Upcoming dominKnow|ONE Features Review!

Paul Schneider joined us to show off some of the upcoming features in the next big release of dominKnow|ONE.

July 30th - Theme - Add CSS... and more

This was a fun discussion around how and why to use the Theme designer feature Add CSS.  We'll start a separate article here and continue to update it with information about it. 

Add CSS to Themes article - As you use this feature and learn more about please share your experience in the comments of the article link here.

July 23rd - Theme - Open Forum

Open forum means that we don't have a specific topic at this time. So please come prepared with questions or a project to share. We love show'n'tell opportunities to let's see what you're working on... even if it's not finished.

How to make invisible hotspots by setting cursor to default.

July 2nd - Theme - Course Styles

There are styles that are part of each project THEME, and there are also INLINE styles. And then there are Course Styles as well. Let's talk about how you use them. Come prepared with a project if you have one to share. We'll also meet the attendees and possibly get some info from the product team. Please send me your weekly Theme/Topic ideas as well:

June 22nd - Theme - VARIABLES

Special thanks to Chelsea Hammond, Starbucks, sharing her knowledge and use of variables. And also, Jason Hunter, PADI, who showed off their work with variables as well. 


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