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Soft skills describe the personal attributes that enable workers to lead effectively and interact harmoniously with each other. You may have a soft skills gap if your company is struggling with unhappy customers, missed deadlines, and high turnover. With the right soft skills training, you can close that gap.

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Business Ethics

Some situations that push ethical boundaries are obvious—others less so. The definition of “ethics” varies dramatically among industries, and rules change when dealing with governmental agencies or international employees or customers. Savvy companies offer an annual ethical conduct compliance refresher course with up-to-date scenarios supporting the most current policies.

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Coaching Others

Do you have a few employees who struggle to meet their performance goals each quarter? Does your succession plan call for developing emerging leaders? The clock is ticking—what do you do? Perhaps some coaching sessions are in order.

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Communicating Effectively

Consider this: in today’s fast-paced workplace, miscommunications occur daily. The wrong message negatively impacts our business dealings, personal lives, and social interactions.

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Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal conflict is a natural outcome of people working together. Contrasting work styles or simple personality differences can escalate a minor irritation into an office altercation with far-reaching, negative ripple effects. Left unchecked, this negativity can have costly consequences in lost productivity and increased employee turn-over, or potentially even escalate out of control.

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Creative Problem Solving

Traditional problem solving techniques can stifle creativity and limit input to only the most outspoken or highest ranking team members. As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

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Customer Service

Today’s connected consumers are quick to make choices and use their voices—and customer opinions, good or bad, spread like wildfire via social media. Anything less than ‘WOW’ customer service puts your business at risk. Is it true that “the customer is always right?” What happens when they are clearly not?

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Handling a Difficult Customer 

Managing dissatisfied or angry customers is never comfortable. Heated exchanges can escalate quickly. This course gives frontline employees strategies for recognizing a difficult customer and regulating their initial emotional response. The end goal: increase trust and earn customer loyalty. The course can be used as is, or customized to empower customer service staff with your own best practices, policies, and resolutions.

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Interpersonal Skills

Most of us would agree strong Interpersonal Skills are crucial to building harmonious relationships at work and at home. When pressed, however, most employees have a hard time describing exactly what interpersonal skills are—or recognizing when they might need help improving their own.

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Meeting Management

Workplace meetings are the best way to communicate to all stakeholders. Done well, meetings keep projects on track and move business agendas forward. But poorly planned, unstructured meetings can waste time and actually prevent more important work from getting done.

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Negotiation Skills

Moving deadlines, establishing budget targets, appeasing an angry co-worker or dissatisfied customer – every work day has the potential to present a critical negotiation point. Do your employees know how to prepare and lead a successful negotiation? The PEACE model offers a straightforward approach that builds confidence and leads to more mutually satisfying, win/win outcomes.

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Presentation Skills

A professional may be called on at any time to give a presentation. Whether it’s introducing a proposal to the C-Suite, facilitating team training, or even leading a conference session or customer-facing webinar, professional presentation skills are an important component of career development.

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Prioritize Like a Pro

Prioritizing tasks ensures that you meet your most important goals first. Focusing on the most important tasks can help you determine what you can let go, giving you more free time.

Stress Management

Stress isn’t just a personal issue; it’s also a personnel issue. Unmanaged stress has a negative impact on personal relationships, work performance, absenteeism, and health.

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Time Management

The old adage states that “time is money,” and neither are a resource to be squandered. Disorganized work introduces unnecessary stress and waste to an already hectic work environment.

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Work-Life Balance

Employees with lives out of balance are at greater risk for burnout, disengagement, and absenteeism. There’s no secret formula for balancing the demands of work with those of home and family life. Work-life balance can only be accomplished through clarity in personal purpose and priorities.

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Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is defined as conduct that creates a work environment that would be intimidating, hostile, or offensive to reasonable people. Training is the answer to avoiding workplace harassment. Educate your managers and employees to recognize and mitigate situations that could be construed as harassment. This Workplace Harassment course provides a framework ready to customize with your own internal policies, practices, and support information.

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