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Have you ever done an Escape Room? There are real world versions as well as virtual versions. They started as a fun group activity and now instructional designers are learning about eLearning engagement from Escape Rooms. Alexander Salas is back to guide us through his Escape Room design process.



Alex Salas is an instructional systems developer and eLearning designer with 14 years of experience specializing in the blend of learning technologies and gamification for performance outcomes. Since 2007, Alex has worked in every facet of corporate learning and performance enablement for Fortune 100 enterprises such as Phillips, Centene Corporation and Dell Technologies. He’s the owner of StyleLearn, an eLearning design firm helping clients of all sizes. He’s also the Chief of Awesomeness at eLearning Launch, the online academy for digital learning professionals. When he’s not creating amazing learning experiences, you can find Alex giving back to the community at large with free workshops and conferences.

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