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    00:00  Select the image on the page.
    00:04  It will be boxed in purple, and the element control icons will be shown. Select the + icon.
    00:08  The Add Elements on Top panel will open. Select Hotspot.
    00:12  A hotspot will be added to the image. Select the hotspot and drag it so its upper left corner is in the upper left area above the Botnets portion of the image.
    00:16  Releasing the hotspot sets it in the new location.
    00:20  You can drag the handle in the lower right corner of the hotspot to adjust the size.
    00:24  Releasing the handle sets the new size.
    00:28  Select the Actions icon (the lightning bolt).
    00:32  The panel shows some of the actions you can set up when the learner clicks on the hotpost. There are more Actions available if you select More... To set an action for a trigger other than clicking, select See all.
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