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    00:00  Double click the image to enter Edit mode.
    00:04  The breadcrumb now shows an Exit button. A menu is also added over the image. Select Label.
    00:08  Select (click) where you want to add the label on the image.
    00:12  The label has a text area to add or edit text. Double click that area and we'll add text for this example.
    00:16  By default labels are added with an icon. You can control this in the Variations section of the Options tab. Select the no-icon variation.
    00:20  You can resize the label by selecting and dragging the handle.
    00:24  Release the handle to complete the resizing.
    00:28  You can change the label background color using the Fill option on the Options Tab. Select Fill.
    00:32  The Pick a Fill panel will open. For this example we'll use the Theme's default blue. Select the blue option in the top row.
    00:36  Click anywhere on the image to close the Pick a Fill panel.
    00:40  Select Exit in the breadcrumb to leave Edit mode.
    00:44  The label can be seen on the image. If you move the image it will remain in place in relation to the image.
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