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    00:00  Select Insert.
    00:05  Select Inputs under Controls.
    00:10  Select one of the three slider options.
    00:15  Select where on the Page to add the Slider, then move and resize the slider to the desired postion/size.
    00:20  Select the Min input under Range. We will change the Min to 1. This will set the slider to start at 1 instead of 0.
    00:25  Select the Max input under Range. We'll change the Max to 3. This will set the slider to have three stop positions.
    00:30  The Step input should be set to 1. (If not, make the change). Select Variable under Variables.
    00:35  Select the dropdown menu beside Slider.
    00:40  Select New Variable.
    00:45  Select the Input area. We'll give the slider a Variable name. (Ex Slider01).
    00:50  Select Ok.
    00:55  The Slider is added and the Variable is set. As the learner moves the slider, the variable will store the value of the setting.
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