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    00:00  Select the Button element on the Stage.
    00:04  Select the Interact tab.
    00:08  Select Actions.
    00:12  Select Navigation and Branching.
    00:16  Select Link to File.
    00:20  Select Next.
    00:24  The right-side panel will open so you can complete the settings. Select the Select a File from the Library buton.
    00:28  The Media Library will open. If you haven't already uploaded the file, you can select the Upload button to work thorugh the upload process. In this example we've already uploaded the PDF file. Select Job Aid.
    00:32  Select Insert.
    00:36  The asset file details are now shown on the right-side panel. You can choose whether the file should open in a New Window or in a Modal Window over the content page. For this example we'll leave the drop down set to New Window. Select Update.
    00:40  The right-side panel will close. You'll see that the Link to File icon has been added to the upper left corner of the button element on the stage. You can use the Current Page or Full Project preview options to test the Link to File action.
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