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    00:00  Select the Image on the page.
    00:05  Select the + icon.
    00:10  The Add Elements side panel shows.

    Select Marker.

    00:15  The Marker is added to the Image.To edit the Marker ext, select the Pencil icon. 
    00:20  Select the Text area to edit the Marker text. You can style the text using the format tab above the text area.

    Select Ok.

    00:30  The Marker text is updated. 

    The Options and Style tabs have a number of control and design options for the Marker. You can change the icon used, label position, animation, show on behavior, shape, background and icon color, and the Popup Style. Select Option 3 under Label Position to move the label below the marker.

    00:35  The Marker Label is now located below the Marker.
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     Asked 10 months ago    jpeterson      0   |   2  
    Unanswered Is there a way to view a list of all markers that were added to an image?