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    00:00  Select the button on the Stage.
    00:04  Select the Actions Element Control (lightning bolt icon).
    00:08  Select Show an image in a Light Box.
    00:12  The Element Interactions panel will open to the right of the Stage. Leave the Trigger setting as When clicked. Leave the Timer set at 0:0.0. Select Add Asset.
    00:16  The Media Browser will open. Select the image.
    00:20  Select Insert.
    00:24  The image is now shown on the assets list on the Element Interactions panel. Select Apply when all images have been added.
    00:28  The Actions Element Control (lightning bolt icon) now shows a dark purple circle, indicating that an Action has been applied to the button. Select Preview to view the action.
    00:32  In the Preview browser that opens, select the Click here to view larger image button.
    00:36  The image opens in a light box or modal window over the main page. Select the X in the upper right corner to close the light box.
    00:40  The light box is closed and the main page is fully visible again.
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