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    00:00  In this lesson we'll add a new sub-heading text element below the heading text element currently on the page. To begin, select the heading text element.
    00:04  In the breadcrumb, select the Group.
    00:08  The Group is now outlined on the Stage, and an Add Layout icon is shown below the heading text element. Select the Add Layout icon.
    00:12  Select the one-column layout option.
    00:16  A single-column placeholder has been added to the Group, showing several content options. For this example, select the Rich Text option.
    00:20  A text element is added in the Placeholder's position. For this example, select the text element and we'll add text for you.
    00:24  Let's format this text element to reflect its role as sub-heading text. Select the center-align option.
    00:28  Select the Format tab above the Stage.
    00:32  Select H3.
    00:36  The text is now displaying at the H3 setting. Select anywhere below the page to finish.
    00:40  The new text element is formatted on the page.
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