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    00:00  Select the Header text element.
    00:04  On the Element Controls, select the Container Inspector.
    00:08  Select Section to access the settings for the Section.
    00:12  Select the Height menu.
    00:16  Several settings are available. In the Default setting the Section's height will be determined by the height of the content it contains. The other options allow you to set the Section's height to be a percentage of the browser window's height. Select 100%.
    00:20  The Section is now as tall as the browser window height, in this case the height of the Stage as you author. You can also set how the Section's content displays vertically within the Section's display height. Select the Alignment menu.
    00:24  The content is currently diplaying in the center (50%) of the Section's height. Select Bottom to align the text element to the bottom of the Section.
    00:28  The text element is now displaying at the bottom of the Section. Select the Container Inspector icon to close the panel.
    00:32  You can change these settings at any time by selecting the Container Inspector.
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