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    00:00  You can assign a Project to a Collection or Category from the Project Properties panel. To access it, select Insights in the upper left corner of the interface.
    00:04  Depending on how wide your screen is, the Insights could be separated into several panels. In this example, select the navigation dot for the second panel.
    00:08  Select Edit Properties. (You may need to scroll down to view this option.)
    00:12  The Project Properties panel will open to the right of the Stage. In the Organization section, you'll see the Collection and category options, if any have been set up for your site. (You may need to scroll down to the Organization section.) In this example the Project has already been assigned to Collection for External Training. Both the Category and Content Type options are Categories that have been set up. Select the Content Type drop down list.
    00:16  Select Instructional.
    00:20  Select Update.
    00:24  The Project Properties will be updated and the panel will close.
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