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    00:00  To check in all pages in a Project you need to be in List view. Select the Project name in the Outline. NOTE: Selecting a Module or a single Learning Object will allow you to batch check in or batch edit just the pages within the Module or the Learning Object.
    00:04  Select the three-dot menu.
    00:08  To check in all pages, select Allow others to edit. The Edit all pages option is also available, if you wish to open all pages for editing.
    00:12  On the Commit panel, add a comment explaining the status or reason why you are commiting the pages. Select Ok.
    00:16  When the authoring interface refreshes, you'll see that none of the pages have check marks beside them anymore. The batch check in process does not carry out all of the steps as Commiting an individual page. It does not create Versions of any of the pages nor create new thumbnails for any of the pages.
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