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    00:00  Select (single click) the project name on the Outline.
    00:04  Select the three-dot menu.
    00:08  Select View Properties.
    00:12  The Properties panel will open on the right side of the Stage. In the Organization section is a setting, "Is a Baseline:" (You may need to scroll to see this setting.) Select the checkbox for Is a Baseline.
    00:16  Select Update.
    00:20  The Properties panel will close. To use the Baseline to start a new project, select the New Project quicklink in the upper left corner.
    00:24  Select Baselines.
    00:28  The Baseline project now appears as an option here. Select the baseline.
    00:32  On the New Project From Baseline panel, rename the project. For this exercise, select the name field and we'll add a name.
    00:36  Selecting Keep Asignments will mean that any authors or reviewers assigned to the original Baseline will be assigned to the new project. Select Duplicate Project.
    00:40  The new project will open.
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