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    00:00  On the Project tab to the left of the Stage, select Masters.
    00:04  We'll create a Primary Footer which will be applied to all Pages in our Project. Select Primary Footer.
    00:08  You can create a Footer from a template, from a blank page or by copying a footer from another Project or a Baseline Project. Select From Blank.
    00:12  A blank page is created on the Stage. Select + Add a Section.
    00:16  Select Rich Text.
    00:20  The Rich Text section is added to the page. Select the X to close the Add to Your Page panel.
    00:24  Select the Edit (pencil) element control to edit the text in the element.
    00:28  You can now add any required text. Select the text element and we'll add in text for this exercise.
    00:32  Select the Format tab above the Stage.
    00:36  Select H4.
    00:40  Select below the Page to save the changes to the text element.
    00:44  Select the text element once more.
    00:48  Select the Container Inspector element control.
    00:52  Select Section.
    00:56  Select the Background Fill option.
    01:00  Select the second-darkest orange option.
    01:04  Select the Container Inspector element control to close its panels.
    01:08  Select below the Page to deselect the Text Element.
    01:12  On the Project panel to the left of the Stage, select Outline.
    01:16  You can confirm the Header and Footer settings for any page. For this lesson, select the Introduction page.
    01:20  On the page on the Stage, the new Footer is not shown. Footers and Header are only shown in Full Project Preview and in published Projects. Select the three-dot menu.
    01:24  Select Properties.
    01:28  The Page Properties panel opens to the left of the Stage. You can see that the Header and Footer sections of the panel both have Primary selected, meaning they will automatically include the Primary Footer we just created. Select Preview.
    01:32  Select Full Project.
    01:36  You can see that the Primary Footer we created (showing the copyright statement in its orange section) is displayed at the bottom of every page.
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