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    00:00  There are three ways to access the System Variables when editing a text element. 1. Select the three-dot menu icon on the text editing mini tool bar then select Variables on the Tools panel that appears. 2. Type in two curly or face brackets, {{. 3. Simply right-click in the text element to access the System Variables. In this example, we'll use the right-click method. Click the left end of the text element to continue.
    00:04  A panel will open. You will only see the Custom Variables option if custom variables have been created for the Project you are working in. All of the options below Custom Variables are different categories of System Variables. Select the Project.
    00:08  The next panel shows all of the System Variables available in the Project category. Select Title.
    00:12  The two panels will close and a generic variable string has been added to the text element. TIP: If you roll over the x and pause, a tooltip will show you the exact variable string that has been added, in this case "sys.course.title" When Authoring you will only ever see the generic variable string in the text element. To confirm that the correct variable is being used, you need to do a Full Project Preview. Select Preview.
    00:16  Select Full Project.
    00:20  On the page in Full Project Preview you can see that the text element displays the Project title, "Protecting Information Security and Privacy".
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