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    00:00  In this example, we've already added a Text Input box to the page. The Input box has an associated variable called {{input6}}. You can mix other text with the variable string data, so in this example we've already edited the text element to read "Hello, . Nice to meet you." We're going to add the variable string into that text, right before the first period. To do this, you would place your cursor at that spot in the text and right-click, which will open a panel with a range of options. You could also type "{{" and the panel will be shown. Click on the text element, and we'll show you that panel.
    00:04  The variable associated with the Text Input control form is considered a Custom variable. Select the Custom Variables option on the panel.
    00:08  On the list, select the input6 (string) option.
    00:12  The variable string "{{input6}}" will be added into your text. In Full Course preview and in the published content, the page will display the value of the variable string based on what the learner types into the associated Text Input field. (Most variable-related features can't be viewed in Current Page Preview.) NOTE: The variable value is saved for the course as a whole so the Text element displaying the variable value can be on any Page. It doesn't have to be on the same Page as the Text Input form.
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