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    00:00  Select the Card or Billboard component on the page.
    00:04  To edit the content within the Component, select the Edit Icon in the Inline Toolbar, or double-click the Callout.
    00:08  Select the Button within the Component.
    00:12  Select the three-dot menu in the Inline Toolbar. Have access to the Options and Style tabs, Accessibility panel, and Delete.
    00:16  Select Options.
    00:20  The Options and Style tabs have a number of design options for the Button element as a whole. You can change the toggle Options, add Icons and text to the Label, and adjust the Padding / Size of the Button, Shape, and Color. Under Padding/Size Select Option 4.
    00:24  Under Label select Right Icon.
    00:28  Within the Pick an Icon pop-up, select the Filled Star in the first row.
    00:32  Select Ok.
    00:36  Select the Style Tab.
    00:40  Select Green under Color.
    00:44  Under Shape, select the Circle. (Option 3)
    00:48  To edit the content within the Button, select the Edit Icon in the Inline Toolbar, or double-click the Button.
    00:52  Select the Button, and we'll add text for you.
    00:56  To quickly add an action to the button, select the Lightning Bolt Symbol within the Inline Toolbar.
    01:00  Note: The default action will change depending on the Component. Within the When I am Clicked menu, select Go to the Next Page.
    01:04  The Action is now set. *Note: A purple dot within the Lightning Bolt Symbol will appear to indicate an action is set. Select the Left side of the Page to return to Page Content.
    01:08  Preview the Current Page to see how the Button will look and behave for your learners.
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