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    00:00  Select the Tab Set element on the page.
    00:04  Select the pencil icon to edit the element.
    00:08  Select the header for the first tab.
    00:12  Select the pencil icon to edit the header.
    00:16  You can now edit the text in the header. Select the header text field and we'll add in text for this exercise.
    00:20  Select outside of the header (but still inside the Tab Set) to save the text changes.
    00:24  Select the first layout option on the tab body.
    00:28  A placeholder is added. Select the Rich Text option.
    00:32  You can now add text. Select the empty text field and we'll add text for this exercise.
    00:36  Select outside of the Tab Set to save the changes.
    00:40  You can see that the content for the first tab has been changed.
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