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    00:00  Select Review.
    00:04  The Review panel opens. Select Add Reviewers.
    00:08  The Assign Reviewers or Authors panel opens. Select Invite Users.
    00:12  The Invite Users panel opens. You can add up to eight email addresses in the Emails field. Select the Emails field and we'll add an email address for you.
    00:16  Ensure the Role drop down list is set for Reviewer. You can use the Teams list to add the new Reviewer to a Team, if any have been set up. Select Add.
    00:20  The reviewer is added to the invitation list. Select Invite All
    00:24  On the confirmation screen, select Done.
    00:28  The new Reviewer is shown on the Available tab as a Pending Invite until they complete their first login and set up their account. Select the user.
    00:32  Select Assign.
    00:36  The user, now assigned to the Project, is no longer shown on the Available tab. Select the Assigned tab.
    00:40  You can see the Reviewer is now on the Assigned tab. To unassign, you can select the user then select Unassign. Select Done.
    00:44  The Assign Reviewers or Authors panel will close.
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