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    00:00  After logging in, click on X on the Splash page to close the Splash page.
    00:04  Click on the Application Menu.
    00:08  Click on Publish
    00:12  Click on Targets
    00:16  Click on New Target
    00:20  Click on Name and enter the desired name of your PENS target. This is the name that will appear in your drop down.
    00:24  For Type, select PENS from the drop down menu
    00:28  Click on URL and enter your PENS end point - For example http://yourcompanylmsurl.com/scormEngine/ScormEngineInterface/PENS.aspx. If unsure check with your LMS provider
    00:32  Click on User ID: Enter the correct ID to send data to the LMS and then enter the corresponding password.
    00:36  Select check box: Default if you wish this to be the default choice when publishing.
    00:40  Press button: Create to save the PENS target
    00:44  Click on X to close the Targets setup screen
    00:48  Click on Browse to locate the course you wish to publish
    00:52  Double click to open the course
    00:56  Click on the Publish quick link
    01:00  Click on LMS (Standards)
    01:04  Click on 2004 (3rd edition)
    01:08  Click on My Favorite LMS (the PENS name you selected)
    01:12  Click on Publish and the course will be sent over to the LMS
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