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    Learn How to Pause a Video using the Video Timeline.

    Select the Video on the page.

    00:05  Select the + icon to access the Video Timeline. Or you can double-click the video.

    Note: Autoplay, Hide Controls, and Hide Play Head Options should be turned on under the Options tab for the video.

    00:10  Within the Video Timeline, Select the Play icon. This will play the video and activate the Add Pause button.
    00:15  Select the Pause icon to pause the video at 3 seconds.

    Note: You can pause the video sooner, and move the red bar by dragging it to the correct position on the Timeline.

    00:20  Select Add Pause.

    The pause is added, and the video will now pause at 3 seconds.

    Next, we'll learn how to Show Elements using the Video Timeline by setting up a Show action using the Add Cue button. This Action will show the two labels once the video reaches 2 seconds.

    Within the Timeline tab, Select Add Cue. We'll move the red bar to the beginning of the timeline for you.

    00:30  This will add a cue to the start of the video.
    Select the Cue icon.

    Within the Triggers popup, select Show under Hides and Shows.

    00:40  Select Next.
    00:45  Select Label 2 within the Video Element under the Element Interactions side panel.
    00:50  Select Label 1 within the Video Element under the Element Interactions side panel.
    00:55  The Trigger is automatically set to When media time is…
    Beside Timer, select the Up Arrow to change the time to 2 seconds. (There is a 1 second fade, by 3 seconds the labels will be 100% viewable and the video will pause)
    01:00  Select Apply.
    01:05  Select Done.
    01:10  Lastly, let's learn how to Fix the Video Timeline Elements. We need to move the labels on the timeline, and remove the Entrance and Exit Effects, so that the Video Actions are shown. 

    Select the Timeline to adjust the time of the Label 1 and Label 2 Elements. The Label 1 and Label 2 Elements should start at 3 seconds and end when the video ends.

    01:15  The length of the Elements has been changed on the Video Timeline.To edit the Entrance and Exit Effects of an element, with Label 1 selected in the Video Tmeline, Select the Edit Icon beside Label 1.
    01:20  Here you can adjust the Entrance and Exit Effects of the element. Select Fade under Entrance Effect.

    01:25  Select No Effect.
    01:30  If Exit Effect has an effect added, adjust to No Effect. 

    Select Apply.

    01:35  Select Lebel 2 in the Video Timeline 
    01:40  Select the Edit icon beside Label 2.
    01:45  Select Fade under Entrance Effect.
    01:50  Select No Effect.
    01:55  If Exit Effect has an effect added, adjust to No Effect.  

    Select Apply.


    The Entrance and Exit Effects have been removed.

    Select the Right side of the Page beside the video to exit the Video Timeline.

    02:05  The video will now auto play, at 2 seconds the labels will fade in, and at 3 seconds the labels will be fully shown, and the video will pause.
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