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    00:00  In this example we have an LO called Best Practices with three test questions in its test question bank. Double click on the row area of the Learning Object. (You can double click on the name of the LO but this will also switch the name field to being edited.)
    00:04  The Learning Object Properties Panel will open to the right of the Stage. Select the Settings tab.
    00:08  You can see this LO is currently set to present all three questions to the learner, and to shuffle the order of the questions. For this example, let's set the LO to randomly choose two of the three questions in the bank. Select the radio button for Random # of Questions.
    00:12  The drop-down list now becomes available. Select (single-click) the list to open it.
    00:16  The list will show any mathematically-possible randomization options. In this case we can have the LO set to randomly choose either one or two of the available questions. Select the "2/3" option.
    00:20  Select Update to save the changes.
    00:24  The changes will be saved and the Learning Object Properties Panel will close.
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     Asked one year ago    cw677q      0   |   1  
    Can you clarify: does the published course include all questions, then serve a random selection to the learners at - either each Test attempt or each Course attempt?
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       Answered one year ago    Chris Van Wingerden      1020   |   7  
      For sure, when you publish a SCORM package (for example), all of the test questions are included. When the learner takes the test, the randomization settings then "kick in" and control how the questions for each Learning Object are delivered to the learner.

      Our approach is different than most other elearning tools in that dominKnow | ONE has randomization settings for each Learning Object you have, rather than a randomization setting for a single large bank of questions. This gives authors more focused control over the test and lets you focus assessment attention on specific Learning Objects as needed/appropriate.

      If it helps, this article https://community.dominknow.com/showArticle/Learning-Objects---an-Introduction-f4ae731e explains Learning Objects in more detail, and this article https://community.dominknow.com/showArticle/What-s-the-score--6a7ae81a discusses how tests are scored in a SCORM package.