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    00:00  For this process we'll start by selecting the element that the learner will interact with, also called the Trigger. Select the Button.
    00:04  On the Interact tab select Actions.
    00:08  The Setup a Trigger > Add an Action panel opens. Select Show.
    00:12  Select Next.
    00:16  The Element Interactions Panel will open to the right of the Stage. The elements on the Page are listed under the Targets list. You can select any elements in any combination if you wish. For this example, select the checkbox beside Claro Logo.
    00:20  Select Apply.
    00:24  On the Stage, the button and the image each have icons added. The icon at the upper left corner of the button indicates it is a trigger for an Action, in this case a show (the eye icon). The icon at the lower left corner of the image shows it is the Target of an event, in this case a Show (the eye icon). The Preview button at the bottom of the Element Interactions panel will open a Current Page Preview so you can test out the interaction. You can also add more Actions to this Trigger by selecting the Add button.
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