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    00:00  Select the Video Element on the page.
    00:05  Select the + icon, or double-lick the Video Element to access the Elements within the Video.
    00:10  Select the Blue Marker within the video.
    00:15  Select the Interact tab.
    00:20  Select Actions.
    00:25  Select Functions and Variables under the Triggers popup.
    00:30  Select Set Variable.
    00:35  Select Next.
    00:40  Beside the Variable dropdown New Variable... is already selected. (Note: If you have Variables within you're course, you will have to select New Variable... From the dropdown.) Select the Text Input Box beside Name to set the name of the variable. (MarkerClicked for example)
    00:45  Make sure Number is selected beside Type. Select the dropdown beside Operator.
    00:50  Select +=.
    00:55   Text Input Box to insert 1.
    01:00  Select Fire Once Per Project.
    01:05  Select Apply.
    01:10  Select Done.
    01:15  The first Maker is set. Select the Green Marker within the Video.
    01:20  Select Actions.
    01:25  Select Functions and Variables under the Triggers popup.
    01:30  Select Set Variable
    01:35  Select Next.
    01:40  Select the dropdown beside Variable under the Element Interactions side panel.
    01:45  Select the MarkerClicked (number) variable.
    01:50  Select the dropdown beside Operator.
    01:55  Select +=.
    02:00  Select the ValueText Input Box to insert 1.
    02:05  Select Fire Once Per Project.
    02:10  Select Apply
    02:15  Select Done.
    02:20  The Variables are now set on the two Markers.
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