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    00:00  Select the Text Element on the Page.
    00:04  Select Element States below the Stage.
    00:08  Select the + card.
    00:12  The New State panel will open. The first step is to set the State that the element will change to, in this case showing the text as center-aligned.

    Select all the text - for this example, click the text and we'll select it for you.

    00:16  Select the Center Align option.
    00:20  Select Trigger Type (or select Next).
    00:24  Select Breakpoint.
    00:28  Select Set Trigger.
    00:32  Select Extra Small.
    00:36  Select Settings.
    00:40  Select Done.
    00:44  The new State has been added to the Element States panel.

    Close the panel by selecting the X.

    00:48  Select the Extra Small breakpoint icon.
    00:52  The text in the element changes from left-aligned to center-aligned.
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