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    00:00  Select the Triggers dropdown arrow.
    00:03  Select the Is Changed option in the Variables section at the bottom of the dropdown box.
    00:06  Click the Variable name dropdown list to select the variable.
    00:09  Select NewCheckMarkVAR(boolean)
    00:12  Select Ok button.
    00:15  Select True.
    00:18  Select Next
    00:21  Select Show action.
    00:24  Select Next.
    00:27  Select the Image checkbox in the Page Actions and Timings panel on the right.
    00:30  Select Apply. That sets up the Show action. Now let's setup the variable to hide the image when it is false.
    00:33  Select Add.
    00:36  Select Hide action.
    00:39  Select Next.
    00:42  Select the Image check box.
    00:45  Select the Trigger dropdown list.
    00:48  Select menu item: When variable is...
    00:51  Click on --Select a variable--
    00:54  Select menu item: NewCheckMarkVAR (boolean)
    00:57  Select Value dropdown list.
    01:00  Select menu item: False
    01:03  Select Apply.
    01:06  Select Done.
    01:09  Steps completed
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