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    00:00  Select the Animate Tab.
    00:04  Select the Actions button in the Page section.
    00:08  Select Show Elements.
    00:12  Select the checkmark element in the Targets list.
    00:16  Select the Effect: drop down list.
    00:20  Select None.
    00:24  Select the Trigger: drop down list.
    00:28  Select When variable is.
    00:32  Select the Variable: drop down list.
    00:36  Select the variable from the list. For this example, select FlowComplete (boolean).
    00:40  Leave the Operator: as ==. Leave the Value: as True, and leave the text field below that empty. Leave the Timer: at 0:0.0. Leave the Hide other action targets unchecked. Leave the Conditions: field empty. Leave the Set “Hidden on Load” for targets as selected. Leave the Clear “Hidden On Load” for targets unselected. Click Apply.
    00:44  Steps completed.
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