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    00:00  Click on the Application Menu to set up the LRS Endpoint(s)
    00:03  Select Publish from the Application Menu
    00:06  Scroll down and select Targets
    00:09  Click on New Target to create your LRS Target. You can have as many LRS targets as you need.
    00:12  Enter the name of your LRS Target. This makes it easy to select the desired LRS endpoint(s) when publishing your packge.
    00:15  Click on Chrome Legacy Window
    00:18  In URL, enter your LRS end point URL. Ask your LRS providers for the specific information.
    00:21  Click on Chrome Legacy Window
    00:24  Select Default if you would like this LRS end point to be selected for use every time you publish.
    00:27  In User ID, select your LRS endpoint user ID.
    00:30  In Password, enter your LRS endpoint password or "secret".
    00:33  Click on Create to save your LRS endpoint.
    00:36  Click on the X to close the LRS endpoint set up, or create a second target if you need to.
    00:39  You are now ready to use your LRS endpoint(s) for sending xAPI data.
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